New York Times Crossword February 3 2021 Puzzle

Updated on February 3 2021 04:00

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Chicago trains
Chop or crop
Dawn goddess
Secure, as a ship
"Return of the Jedi" dancer
First sitting prez to fly in an airplane
#1 at McDonalds, maybe
Popular Japanese manga series
Pie in the face, e.g.
Nail, as a test
Utters a sound, informally
"No need to introduce us"
Butter and margarine, nutritionally speaking
Foxx of "Soul"
___-mo replay
Starting stake
Jackie of "Rush Hour"
Only state with a two-vowel postal code
Common reply to "Cómo estás?"
Can, in Canterbury
Elf's foe in "The Lord of the Rings"
Classic TV brand
Ancient Andeans
Mercury or Venus, e.g.
One of the sisters in Chekhov's "Three Sisters"
Sucks up, in a way
Destiny's Child or the Supremes
Sue who wrote the so-called "alphabet series"
Deem appropriate
Secretly includes on an email
Actress ___ Deavere Smith
Signal as a conductor might
Do quickly, as an assignment
Grp. that brought Stephen Colbert to Baghdad
Balloon popper, perhaps
"My mistake!"
Teri of "Tootsie"
Took a load off
Seat at a counter, maybe
Some succulents
Impossible N.B.A. game outcome
Oxymoronic coinage of 35-Across
___ card
Group including 35-Across that protested the segregation of public buses
Those in favor
Sharp or flat, say
Natural ability
Flower that shares its name with a sea creature
___ Tomé and Príncipe
Like much avant-garde music
Japan's largest lake, located NE of Kyoto
Civil rights icon who led a historic march from Selma to Montgomery on 3/7/1965
Years abroad
The "O" of A.O.C.
Do something
Popular cryptocurrency
Starter course?
Live (together)
Congressional district represented by 35-Across from 1987 to 2020
Zoom, for one
Principle of the type of activism practiced by 35-Across
Face card in a French deck
Unit of courage?
Oscar ___, star of "Inside Llewyn Davis"
Bookend letters of "Google Maps," appropriately
Airport queue
Some trivia venues