New York Times Crossword February 3 2019 Puzzle

Updated on February 3 2019 00:00

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Language family that includes Xhosa and Zulu
Revolutionary group
Entrance to a cave
They're located between Samoa and Vanuatu
Tax pros, for short
"Rainbow" fish
Ireland, to poets
Amazon Prime competitor
Country south of Sicily
Standard of living?
Margaret Atwood's "___ and Crake"
Bargain hunter's delight
Made into law
One getting onboarded
Of base 8
Members of the flock
Politico Abzug
Rodeo ring?
"Move on already!"
Easter activity
Bay of Biscay feeder
Poet who invented the terza rima rhyme scheme
King of morning TV
It gained independence from France in 1960
Head turner?
They may hit the ground running
Drop from one's Facebook circle
"Seven Samurai" director
Hebrew "shalom" to Arabic "salaam," e.g.
Writer/critic ___ Madison III
Bell-shaped flower
Joe can provide it
1960s group with a fabric-related name, with "the"
Organization of Afro-American Unity founder
Grazing land
"Receiving poorly," in CB lingo
Actress Jean who played Joan of Arc in "Saint Joan"
Butterfly-attracting flowers
Array in a cockpit
Hit from behind
Browned at high heat
Durkheim who helped found the field of sociology
Stew that's decidedly not very spicy
Entry fee
A Musketeer
Fruity soda brand
Set down
Tweeter's "Then again ..."
Plays charades, say
Some flaws in logic
Mends, in a way
Seeming opposite of "Ignorance is bliss"
Part of a "fence" in the game Red Rover
"Actually, come to think of it ..."
Polish up, in a way
Kabuki sash
Result of a judicial conflict of interest
Aries and Taurus
English dialect in which "food shopping" is "makin' groceries"
___ milk
On fire
Drum held between the knees
Anatomical lashes
Belief in one's role as a savior
M.L.B. star ejected from 87-Across
Rolls up
Sepals of a flower
"Love, when we met, ___ like two planets meeting": Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Reason for an ejection in the N.F.L.
Meursault's love in Camus's "The Stranger"
Burn a perfume stick in
Onetime Sprint competitor
Musician's skill
Sound heard in Georgia?
N.B.A. star ejected from 105-Across
Brian with the album "Before and After Science"
Snowshoe hare predator
Student taking Torts or Property
The Bronx Bombers, on scoreboards
Reason for an ejection in FIFA
Treats, as a sprain
Actress/singer Janelle
"Right on!"
N.F.L. star ejected from 102-Across
Make mention of
Snug as a bug in a rug
Bank takebacks, for short
Reason for an ejection in the N.B.A.
Reason for an ejection in the M.L.B.
Make less stuffy
Den mother
Some marble works
Metric in digital journalism
Patron of the high seas