New York Times Crossword February 2 2021 Puzzle

Updated on February 2 2021 04:00

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Amy who wrote "The Joy Luck Club"
Pizzeria owner in "Do the Right Thing"
Prefix with skeleton
Old TV's "___ Search"
Skin problem portmanteau
Covers again, as a lawn
Trash cans on computer screens, e.g.
In bed after an injury, say
Once-popular place to store music
Dinosaur in Super Mario World
Containing tin
Leave rolling in the aisles
Not paying a cent, as a tenant
Trips to support conservation
Until now
Tiny bit
___ Deion (onetime football nickname)
"Laughing" animals
"Um, all righty"
Cereal go-with
Winter falls
Financial expert Suze
Bit of asparagus
Batting next
Second-least valuable avenue in Monopoly after Mediterranean
It's "just a number"
Ambivalent reply to "Can you do me a favor?"
To the ___ degree
Red-cards, in a soccer match
50-50 chance
Lionel collection
El Al et al.
Sea ___ (enemy of Popeye)
1990s Fox dramedy with Charles S. Dutton
Mil. mess personnel
News anchor Mitchell
x or y, in plane geometry
Rechewed food
Playing area usually having one of the surfaces seen at the starts of 16-, 28- and 43-Across
Use a " "
Japanese drama
Responses of "the unheard," per Martin Luther King Jr.
Wilma's pal on "The Flintstones"
Plant pouches
Go steady with
Novelist Jaffe
Film technique used in old California Raisins ads
Animator's sheet
Princes, e.g.
Rubes, in Canadian lingo
The Wildcats of the N.C.A.A., informally
Slow-cooked dish
Objectivist Rand
Jeanette ___, billiards legend nicknamed the Black Widow
Difficulties in life
Clouseau's rank: Abbr.
Naughty's opposite
Hand: Sp.
Grade downgrade
___ Park, Colo.
Something Santa makes (and checks twice)
Mormons, in brief
Insect with powerful hind legs
Actress de Armas
Sonic the Hedgehog company
Ventilate thoroughly
Form of jazz
Bump fists
___ Garden, London district known for diamond trading