New York Times Crossword February 15 2019 Puzzle

Updated on February 15 2019 04:00

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High lines
Khaleda ___, first female P.M. of Bangladesh (1991-96, 2001-06)
Old British sports cars
Cry querulously
"In general, ___ is at the bottom of all great mistakes": John Ruskin
Touches down
Sports Illustrated's "Olympian of the Century"
Cry after a lucky snag
Shots for dudes?
Zesty bowlful
Fabric name since 1924
Opening for 31-Down
Bits of hardware that can fit inside 32-Downs
"Biography" cable channel
Be successful, informally
Greek island where a famous armless statue was found
Most popular U.S. baby name for boys, 1999-2012
Chinese martial arts
Actor Burton
Don ___, "Don Giovanni" role
Not all there
Toy company whose name comes from the Dakota Sioux word for "big"
Gas once used in aerosols
Fix, as laces
Unit measure for chili
Animals whose fur may change color in the winter
Without a bit of sense
Petrify, say
Line on a bill
1/100 de un siglo
Something babies do (and people do at babies)
Have no worries
County name in five East Coast states
Late Peabody-winning journalist and newscaster
Little buddy
Composes beautifully
Not shy away from a potential embarrassment
Music genre that's the focus of Decibel magazine
Become tiresome to
Facetious superlative
Selected N.F.L. stars
Cheerful response after helping
Party spec
Baseball family name
Days gone by
Highest-grossing rom-com of the 2010s
Power unit
Relief pitcher?
Mother of Mars, in myth
Left in a hurry, with "out"
Lumberjacks, e.g.
Thin strips used in building construction
World Series of Poker venue in Las Vegas
"___ alive!"
Keynote, maybe
"My bad"
Titan, once
Savory treat that is often caramelized
Place to unload
Misrepresents oneself to on the internet, in a way