New York Times Crossword February 1 2021 Puzzle

Updated on February 1 2021 00:00

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Not us
DoorDash list
Double ___ Oreos
___-certified organic
Passover observance
"Little Orphan ___"
BĂȘte ___
Ready for battle
Cooking device in a fast-food restaurant
Singer Gaye
Actor Dennis
Popular gift shop purchase
Circular windows
Rapper ___ Khalifa
Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, for two
"___ Be" (2010 #1 hit by the Black Eyed Peas)
A few
"Moby-Dick" captain
Round of applause
Fifth-most-common family name in China
___ and tonic
"Bye Bye Bye" boy band
Dull photo finish
Like lemons
___ Reader (magazine with the slogan "Cure ignorance")
Faucet problem
One's equals
Invite on a date
Brunch, e.g.
"Allahu ___!" (Muslim cry)
Certain New Haven collegians
Like a go-go-go personality
Light beam splitter
Prize money
"... happily ever ___"
Bucks and does
Web portal with a butterfly logo
Kick up ___ (be unruly)
Lake bordering Cleveland
Qatari leader
"Beats me!"
See 57-Across
With 58-Across, collective consciousness ... or a hint to the ends of 19-, 35- and 52-Across
Unmanned Dept. of Defense aircraft
___ Trench (deepest point on earth)
Hair tamer
Advanced deg. for a writer or musician
Tight embrace
Turn topsy-turvy
Since, informally
Bullets and such
Crown wearer at a fall football game
Factory-inspecting org.
Finish first in a race
"It's ___ of the times"
Became a millionaire, say
"You bet!"
Alternative to carpeting
Do a new production of, as a recording
One on the front lines during a crisis
Reeves of "The Matrix"
Jessica of "Fantastic Four"
Take care of
"Early in life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better ___ some noise": Malcolm X
100, gradewise
Thanksgiving vegetable
Entry in a doctor's calendar: Abbr.