New York Times Crossword December 8 2018 Puzzle

Updated on December 8 2018 04:00

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___ plancha (pan-fried)
Word with light or rock
Vietnam's Dien Bien ___
They're no good
Talisa Maegyr's portrayer on 'Game of Thrones'
Symbol created in 1958 as the logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Subject of gerontology
Some 'Lord of the Rings' characters
Skype or FaceTime, e.g
Second-oldest national currency
Sea with no land boundaries
Sarcastic political meme that started in 2009
Rock climber's challenge
Really clicks with a partner, say?
Pro ___
Post masters?
Plot device?
Out of fashion
Out and about?
Open courts
Only three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Mila of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'
Metaphorical prescription
Match (up)
Long division?
Like 'Wonder Woman'
Last Ptolemaic ruler, informally
John, overseas
John in space
It's a long story
It follows directions
Informal font
Info in many a help wanted ad
High-traffic commercial area
High in the Andes?
He said 'I learned to be a movie critic by reading Mad magazine'
Half of a 1980s sitcom duo
Greek letter that once symbolized life and resurrection
Goody two-shoes
Go down
Gets along
Forger's mark?
Film villain with one eye
Female name that's the name of a female assistant backward
Female deer
Ermine predator
Dull and flat
Doctors Without Borders, e.g., briefly
Deep-fried ball of cornmeal
Cool air?
Color achieved during tempering
Cleansing ritual
Business end?
Bridge officer on the original Enterprise
Access to the slopes
2016 WNBA champs, informally
2012 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, informally
2004 movie featuring a clique called the Plastics
'You decide'
'That hits the spot!'
'Moonlight' actor
'Double' or 'triple' move