New York Times Crossword December 31 2018 Puzzle

Updated on December 31 2018 02:00

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___ Jemima
___ Fein (Irish political party)
___ Bo (exercise system)
What a setting sun dips below
Web address starter
Urge (on)
Traffic reporter's comment
The Buckeyes of the Big Ten, for short
Spirited horse
Sextet halved
Scoundrel, in British slang
Room just under the roof
Puppeteer Lewis
Punk offshoot
Prolonged dry spell
Professor's goal, one day
Postponed for later consideration
Poodle's sound
Plant-eating dino with spikes on its back
Plant supplying burlap fiber
Patron of sailors
Part of a tree or a book
On the waves
Notes from players who can't pay
Not drive by oneself to work
Mexican president Enrique Peña ___
Man's name related to the name of Islam's founder
Make great strides?
Make a goof
Lowest workers
Loch ___ monster
Lead-in to glycerin
Last words before being pronounced husband and wife
Lack in energy
Kitten's sound
Kingly name in Norway
However, briefly
Hosp. trauma centers
Hoppy brew, for short
Highest digits in sudoku
Helper in an operating room
G.I.'s ID
Free-___ (like some chickens)
Force to exit, as a performer
Fly high
Exchange after a lecture, informally
Enthusiastic assent in Mexico
Either side of an airplane
Dull, as a finish
Discover almost by chance, as a solution
Dictionaries, almanacs, etc., in brief
Cry of triumph
Country between Ecuador and Bolivia
Company in a 2001-02 business scandal
Cheery greeting
Cairo's land
Broadway's ___ O'Neill Theater
Brand of swabs
Bit of inheritance?
Begged earnestly
Base just before home base
'Much ___ About Nothing'
'i' or 'j' topper
'Holy cow!,' in a text
'Don't leave this spot'