New York Times Crossword December 30 2019 Puzzle

Updated on December 30 2019 00:00

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Serving of corn
Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
Metal from a mine
Small quarrel
King of the jungle
Jessica of "Fantastic Four"
Peaceful, picturesque scene
Chart often with insets of Alaska and Hawaii
Bring together
What a dog-walker holds
Woodworking tools
Suffix with serpent
Excavation find
Like Brink's trucks
Jay formerly of late-night TV
Spacecrafts circling the earth
Doesn't guzzle
Asia's shrunken ___ Sea
What "ibn" and "ben" mean, in names
6:1 or 7:1, e.g., at a racetrack
Place for a Ping-Pong table
What the "O" of O magazine stands for
Indian bread
Six-time N.L. home run champ Mel
Illustrator Wilson famous for his macabre cartoons
Change, as a clock
Actor Sean of "The Lord of the Rings"
Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. ___"
Properly arranged
Swamp plants
Newswoman Curry
Nintendo console
Driveway surface
Fort where Davy Crockett died
On earth
"Shoo, kitty!"
Aardvark's morsel
Gem in an oyster
Outbuildings with garden tools
Feather stole
Standard Windows typeface
Fragrant chemical compound
Wallet alternative
Rumble in the Jungle setting
Obsolescent phone features
Shiny kitchen wrap
"Or ___!" (end of an ultimatum)
Suffix with ball
Baseball stat
Performs like Lil Wayne or Lil' Kim
Sharpen, as skills
Asparagus unit
Small inlet
Winning time after time ... or where you might find 17-, 23-, 51- or 62-Across
Beavers' construction
Rainbow shapes
Campus bigwig
China's Mao ___-tung
King Kong, for one
Killer whale
One getting mostly A's in school
Critical, as a situation
What locomotives and irons may give off
Hereditary background
Butter substitute
Win by ___
1940s-'60s singer Frankie
Hotel amenity down the hall
Item in a humidor
Doing battle
___ Wednesday