New York Times Crossword December 27 2017 Puzzle

Updated on December 27 2017 03:00

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C.I.A.'s forerunner
See 8-Across
Three, in Tuscany
Marvin of Motown
Prefix with -pod
Saxophonist Cannonball
Many a staffer
Like dessert wines, typically
Anne Bront´┐Ż's first novel
Leigh of "Psycho"
"Carmen" and "Elektra"
Popular Toyota
Error at cards
Judge's pronouncement at a hearing
Punishment short of jail time
Fearsome Hindu deity
Cupid, e.g.
Letterhead abbr.
In the slightest
Just ___ on the map
Fed. bond
Neighborhood grocery
Media muzzler
Get back for
BMW competitor
With 63-Across, what some performers saw in Las Vegas? ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme
Shout from a coach driver
Slugger's stat
Salon job
Challenge for salmon
Ben Solo's father
Modern film effects, for short
"How have you ___?"
Keyboard key abbr.
Lead-in to girl or boy
Below, as a goal
Border cutters
Classic theater name
Teri of "Young Frankenstein"
Really move
Way, way back
Shape of a sushi hand roll
School commencement?
Message from a short person?
Apple Store purchase
Large jazz combo
"Westworld" network
Results of chafing
E's equivalent
"___ Land," 2016 film
"West Side Story" role
Wanted poster word
Land in la mer
Palindromic man's name
Shape of a Silly Putty container
Kind of mass, in physics
"___ Dinah" (1958 hit for Frankie Avalon)
River through Bath
Broadcasting unit?
Tribute of a sort
1963 Paul Newman movie
Ending with hard or soft
"That's enough, thanks"
1972 Oscar refuser