New York Times Crossword December 21 2020 Puzzle

Updated on December 21 2020 00:00

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"Gangnam Style" singer
Classic computer game set on an island
Singer/lyricist Paul
Mineral springs
___ Lingus
Icicles and burning candles both do this
Amazon's virtual assistant
Wears, as clothes
"Pygmalion" playwright, for short
Rebuke to a dog
Hawks and doves
Big Apple sch.
1960s hippie gatherings
Mao Zedong was its leader
Christmas ___ (December 24)
Narrow part of a bottle
Chocolate/caramel candy
Voice below soprano
Sports official, informally
Figure made by lying in the snow and waving one's arms
Bartlet of "The West Wing" or Clampett of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Baghdad's land
Match up (with)
___ Aviv, Israel
Short hairstyle
Great Dane of cartoons, informally
Old NASA moon-landing vehicle
Pyromaniac's crime
"___ the Greek"
March goes out like this, as the expression goes
In ___ of (replacing)
1957 title role for Frank Sinatra
Alternative to Prego
Actress Saint of "North by Northwest"
Way cool
Where spiders get their information?
Highest point
Scientology founder ___ Hubbard
___ Men, group with the 2000 hit "Who Let the Dogs Out"
"Huh?" ... or a possible response to 1-, 19-, 25-, 48- and 57-Across
Jacket alternatives to buttons
Goes through hurriedly, as during a robbery
Sudden thought that makes you go "Wow!"
Signing-on info
Line down the length of a skirt
Inexperienced reporter
Itinerary preposition
"So that's it!"
Unintelligible jargon
R.N.'s touch
It's not odd
Raft for a polar bear
Landscaper's tool
Neighs : horses :: ___ : sheep
Hanker (for)
Financial claim
Worthless talk
Tic-tac-toe win
Second letter after epsilon
Buses, as tables
Browser's start-up point
Popeye's profession
Like records stored for research
Public square