New York Times Crossword December 2 2020 Puzzle

Updated on December 2 2020 04:00

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Overreact to spilt milk
Dictator Amin
Like Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois Avenues, in Monopoly
Flag tossers, informally
Variety of herring
Kind of yoga
Connected with
Gentle breeze
Calvin Klein's Eternity, e.g.
Comcast subsidiary
Green: Prefix
Locale of the Isle of Man
Item found in "The Hobbit"
Rapper who forms one half of the duo Black Star
Cambodian cash
20% of diez
U.S. central bank, with "the"
Competition with skateboarders
"Weekend Update" show, in brief
Royal messengers
Channel that became Spike TV
Deliberately provoking
Creator of Hollywood's Chinese Theater
Slimming surgery, for short
"Robinson Crusoe" novelist
Defense grp. since 1948
Virginia Woolf novel with interludes set on a beach
Item sometimes "lost" in a clothes dryer
Rebel Turner
Shades and such
"You and whose army?!"
Comment after a zinger
Big name in food service
Vegas casino beside the Bellagio
Like blue hair, presumably
Type of food whose outsides are suggested by the outsides of 17-, 29-, 43- and 55-Across
Jekyll's bad side
Sicilian erupter
"Like ... now!"
Shirt with a slogan, often
___ Honor
"Not gonna happen"
A hyperbola has two
"Oh, brother!"
Petrostate's reserves
Spirit of the age
Green suits?
Popular gay dating app
Is a shining star
What surrounds the pupil
Pharma products
Things to right
Fulminated (against)
Hand, in Honduras
Small stones used for driveways
Prefix with afternoon
Tennis star Nadal
Major credit card, briefly
London district whose name sounds like a letter
Classic 1960 platinum-selling Miles Davis album
It's at the southern end of the Caspian Sea
Film auteur Miyazaki
Film genre that includes "Moonlight" and "Call Me by Your Name"
Warty critter
Breaking of mirrors, some think