New York Times Crossword December 19 2019 Puzzle

Updated on December 19 2019 15:00

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Holiday drink
Chemistry particle
Person whose Twitter handle is @Pontifex
"This Is Us" co-star Chrissy
"Avoid watching this at the office," briefly
___ green
Move / Unappreciative person
Things that bakeries make but don't sell
Brown v. Board of Education city
Takes off
Inspirational passage?
___ Nostra
They're at the top of their game
Baby's bottom?
Popular crime show spinoff, informally
Not as much
Owner of StubHub
Word before Pan, Man or can
Composer Bartók
Battery fill
Obstructing / On paper
Baby blue, e.g.
"Volunteers?" / Play's start
Hawkins of "Li'l Abner"
Humble response to a compliment
Glares sourly at, in modern lingo
Horn in (on)
Datebook listings: Abbr.
Put a border on
Prefix with tourist
To a great degree
Relative of an ostrich
Author Mario ___ Llosa
Dale Evans, for one / Zooey Deschanel TV series
Owner of Words With Friends
Director Craven
Like English bogs
Geographic demarcation that separates the two possible answers in this puzzle's circled squares
Theater fare
"I'm in a hurry!"
Best Picture of 2012
Mac platform
Film director Harold / Pours
Smacks hard / Types
Longtime M.L.B. second baseman Chase
Prepared for bad news, perhaps
___ water (trendy drink)
Filmer Kilmer
QVC alternative
Alison ___, author of "Fun Home"
Place with hot stones
Some Hollywood technology, for short
Floor type
Ping-Pong do-over
Bring into harmony
Queen of Arendelle, in a Disney movie
George Sand, par exemple
George Sand, for one
Modern-day locale of ancient Persepolis
Full of difficulties
Æ, e.g.
Executive's perk, maybe / It might fit in a tight spot
Share a take
Hoth, in the "Star Wars" universe
Longtime music label inits.
Nurse back to health
Club fee / "Hell no!"