New York Times Crossword December 14 2019 Puzzle

Updated on December 14 2019 04:00

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Japanese garden denizen
Contents of an infuser
Button indicated by a paper airplane icon
Post on a ship
Seminole's rival
Sch. near the Mexican border
Like snake oil
Bit of current reading?
Maxim, e.g.
Yellow-flowered medicinal plant
Side in a Subway Series matchup
Holstein, for one
Frozen dessert with a rhyming name
Old men
Characters in Norse mythology
2006 mockumentary for which the star won a Golden Globe
Screaming and shouting, say
2000s Disney Channel star, to fans
Nickname of Fenway Park's left field wall, with "the"
World capital on the island of Upolu
Zoo habitat with trees and rope lines
Sans sparkle
Magic in the air?
Beats the pants off, so to speak
Motor ___
Made the earth turn?
Source of musk
"All right! All right!"
Guy de Maupassant's second novel
Partners in some French firms
Possible result of bodybuilding gone wrong
Some loungewear
Cheap ride
Not happen overnight
Acts of environmental extremism
Dow alternative
Main artery through N.Y.C.'s Chinatown
One-named singer with the 2000 hit "Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)"
About 15 1/2 grains
"___ días!"
Misunderstands, e.g.
Part of Dixie: Abbr.
Marks of scars
Try to punch
Something a politician shouldn't take personally?
Musical that won six Tonys in 2017
Direct, as a message
What might follow "Down, boy!"
Novice gamer
Dadaist who experimented with camera-less photography
Give out
Network showing "Barry"
Ancient symbols of magic
Like most bonds for sale
Four of hearts?
110, humorously
Device for mass-producing signatures
Like some dialects
Seeing double?
Robert Mueller, once