New York Times Crossword August 31 2020 Puzzle

Updated on August 31 2020 00:00

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Super ___ (1990s game console)
Amnesty International, e.g., in brief
"The Suite Life of ___ & Cody" (bygone teen sitcom)
International furniture chain
Molten flow
Extracurricular activity for a musician
Sch. whose home football games used to include a live bear on the field
Wild party, in slang
Lbs. and ozs.
Doctor, ideally
Tofu bean
Lymph ___
World's largest island nation
Mocking smile
Seating request on an airplane
Cocktail with tomato juice
Join the flow of traffic
Knight's weapon
Assumed name
"Hilarious!," in a text
Belgian river to the North Sea
Always, to a poet
Elvis's "___ Dog"
Align, informally
Appendage on a cowboy's boot
Some quiet exercise
Spam spewer
Hi in HI
Ancient fortification overlooking the Dead Sea
Eclipse or a black cat, some say
Towel holder
Stops by
One tending a house during the owner's absence
Stamp on a milk carton
Part of the eye
Facts and figures
Pack animal of Tibet
Believer in Jah, informally
Choice words?
___ center
"___ could've told you that!"
Sudden forward thrust
Letters before an assumed name
What you might do to pass on an Interstate ... or a phonetic hint to the starts of 18-, 28- and 50-Across
Hit Broadway musical set partly in Paris, for short
Overly fussy, say
Kind of connection port on a PC
Mommy's sister
Great Lake with the shortest name
Main ingredient in a protein shake, maybe
Watermelon part that's spit out
Cry in a soccer stadium
Rating between excellent and fair
Screen ___ Guild
End of a lasso
Monopoly properties you can't put houses on, in brief
Join a conference call, say
Pants part that might need patching
Degs. for C.E.O.s
Captain of the 2012 and 2016 U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics teams
"Heavens to ___!"
Rainbow's shape
Lye, chemically
___ at the wheel
Traveled in the front passenger seat
Up to, informally
Like some handwriting ... or tipplers
Nice smell
"We ___ the World"
Bottomless pit
Something computers cannot write to or erase
Criticize, in slang