New York Times Crossword August 3 2019 Puzzle

Updated on August 3 2019 03:00

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___ gow (gambling game played with dominoes)
Bravo, e.g.
Peak in Thessaly
Skier Lindsey with three Olympic medals
Bento box fare
Sharp tastes
Must pay
Hannity's former Fox News foil
Came after
Part-time job for many an actor or actress
Midwest university city
Vessel in a famous 1960s shipwreck
Boarding points at amusement parks
Souchong alternative
Deal in
Trig function
Indian flatbreads
To a fault
Film featuring an assassin from 2029
Web-based recovery program, informally
Endangered watershed
Parentheses, essentially
Michael ___, "The Office" manager
Poke with a lot of needles?
Jerked in two directions at once
Island with a state capital
Long hauls
"Sure, I guess ..."
Poppy products
Private practice?
Common "explanation" from a parent
Alternatives to S.U.V.s, informally
Bad record?
Totally dominating
Pogo and others
Mess up
Like the ocean
Love, by another name
Word with bank or blind
Bygone potentates
"Hmm ..."
Prefix with tourism or politics
Them, to us
Winegrowing region of SW France
Celebrated the birth of a child, perhaps
The Netherlands was the first country to legalize it
It's filled with energy
Member of Dubya's cabinet
They may go on long walks
"I expected better"
"Let's ___!"
Occupy, as a desk
Pioneering football coach ___ Alonzo Stagg
Cab alternative
Some legal speeders, briefly
Eat lots of protein and carbs, say
Book page size
Like Denver
Where Sevastopol is
Collapsible chapeau
Competitor of Twinings
Calgary nickname, along with "Stampede City"