New York Times Crossword August 25 2019 Puzzle

Updated on August 25 2019 00:00

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French way
Farmer's purchase
Opposite of "Too rich for my blood"
Major city bisected by I-80
Symbols of might
Donizetti's "Pour mon âme," e.g.
Volunteer's words
Onetime MS. accompanier
PayPal money and the like
Model of the solar system
Some inexpensive brews
Perennial London football powerhouse
Scout's honor
Where Tokyo is
An alarm may interrupt it
Big smack
Actress Spacek
___ bar
Illusionist's phrase illustrated by three Down answers in this puzzle?
Gradually diminished
Visit to baby Jesus?
Feature destroyed in the 2019 Notre Dame fire
Get all tangled
Big-circulation magazine originally titled So You're Going to Be Married
It's hard to hit
Trick question
Ivy League newspaper name
Brain area, jocularly
P.M. who took office in 2015
0 0 0
Order before "Fall out!"
Not ridiculous, as an argument
Run for, as office
Poet who wrote "To His Mistress Going to Bed"
Peace, in the Mideast
Ballerina's cabriole, e.g.
Opinion, informally
Mumbai royal
Of use
"Dunno" gestures
Astrologist's reference
Foreign-language toast
"Game of Thrones" actress Chaplin
Retirement account option, informally
Anecdotal collections
Arrangement in which you buy three tires but get a whole set?
Thick (of)
Nice crossword experience
Fare for Little Miss Muffet
Many a mixer
School boards?
Grammy-winning songwriter Mann
It's après "après"
Queen Margrethe II, e.g.?
Bad news from Detroit
Rustic poem
"___ Lisa"
Steed for a sheik
Location of Cassius, who "has a lean and hungry look"
___ of all
Brings up, say
D.C. nine
Famed orange troublemaker
Informal negation
Illusionist's phrase illustrated by seven Across answers in this puzzle?
Toothpaste aisle?
Emmy-nominated actor for "Westworld"
Chronicler of Troy
Like a sonnet, in a way
Red letters?
Emulated an Argonaut
Suspiciously flattering, say
Japanese noodle
Perfume part
City that becomes another city if you change both its vowels to A's
"___, Macduff" (phrase from Shakespeare)
Portuguese wine
Singer Grande, to fans
Surfer wannabe
Barristers' wear
Like some riyals
One-named singer with the catchphrase "cuchi-cuchi"
Need for parents who weren't expecting twins?
Jerry, to Tom, in cartoons
Leo, for example
Profession since the Bronze Age
Dull-witted sloth in "Ice Age"
"The ___ of Christ" (classic work in Florence's Uffizi Gallery)
"Westworld" airer
Work with planes, maybe
Cellar problem
Manual part of an early printing press?
Site of one of the 12 labors of Hercules
___ bottle (topological curiosity)
Pea picker-upper
French greeting
Bad pun?
One going for big bucks?
Like the motion of the ocean
___ glance
Language in which "dd" and "ff" are treated as single letters of the alphabet
Not for
Edwin with the 1970 #1 hit "War"
"Let's shake on it"
"The Wizard of Oz" co-star
"Whew baby!"
Lamb offering
Checks' counterparts
Poker player in the Old West after being caught with a card up his sleeve?
When you can ice skate outside?
Title film villain whose first name is Julius
Tepid greeting
Jack who co-starred with Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator"
Where to find big bucks?
Miles away
Didn't sink, say
Sights at Zion National Park
Literally, "commander"