New York Times Crossword August 17 2018 Puzzle

Updated on August 17 2018 04:00

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___ Systems, computer networking giant
You can count on them
Wore an outfit with panache, informally
Verbal shrug
Une couleur primaire
Try to get something from a bag
They're often blitzed
Tap attachment
Struck out
Sound at a spa
Some sketch show V.I.P.s
Small protuberance
Showed one's disapproval, in a way
See 44-Across
Samuel L. Jackson has been in six of his movies
Real identity
Process by which neutrinos are produced
Pro ___
Primer finish
Preserves variety
Prefix with cycle
Online periodical
One who crosses the line
Oktoberfest offering
Offered unwanted advice
New England prep school attended by J.F.K
Most cunning
Money in Nepal
Mill owner in the California gold rush
Merrill in movies
Lines around Chicago
Lieutenant Minderbinder of 'Catch-22'
Lake of rock's Emerson, Lake & Palmer
He said 'If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe'
Hallucinogenic edibles, in slang
Grueling grillings
Full of hot air
Former Supreme Court justice Stone
Formally establish
Fix, as a bow
Fifth wheel
Doesn't just tear up
Disorderly do
Diet-friendly, say
Cushy course
Court figure whose job is to detect 36-Across
Country singer Clark
Constellation between Cygnus and Aquila
City north of Des Moines
Big name in oil
Big cheese wheels?
Attended (to)
Applies to
Amish, e.g
30-foot-long dinosaur able to walk on either two legs or four
'___ said ...'
'Young Frankenstein' co-star
'So much for my theory'
'Pretty, pretty please?'
'Ingredient' of success