New York Times Crossword April 9 2020 Puzzle

Updated on April 9 2020 03:00

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Cover some ground
H.S. exam org.
Camper, e.g.
Gives permission to
Big ___
Small hill
Daughter of Muhammad
"That's not true!"
"The Wind in the Willows" character
Route 1 terminus
Large, noisy insects
Eschew dinner company
Shere who wrote "Sexual Honesty: By Women for Women"
Part of the knee, for short
It might be shot on a winding seaside road
Talking point
More off-the-wall
___ Crawley, countess on "Downton Abbey"
Where to get a polysomnogram
"Up to this point, no"
Prime factor
Log splitter
Cartoonist Hollander
Second-largest private employer in the U.S., after Walmart
Intriguing discovery in a cave
Berries, for breakfast cereal, e.g.
"Invisible Man" author Ellison
Tour letters
Singer ___ Del Rey
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" outlook
Sea creatures that move by jet propulsion
Made some calls
Is written in old Rome?
Unlikely Christmas gifts in tropical areas
Figures in academia
___ in Nancy
Hybrid fruit
Method of communication needed to understand 17-, 25-, 36- and 49-Across
Tree that's one of Athena's symbols
NBC drama that won 15 Emmys
Updo hairstyle
Bit of reproach
Soul singer Gray
Mil. post, say
Bond or bind
"That one's on me"
Trick to increase one's efficiency, in modern lingo
Show that Betty White hosted at age 88, informally
Late 1970s
Added some color to
Group HQ'd in Ramallah
Connecticut collegian
Big nos.
Frost formed from fog
Actress/singer Kravitz
Alley sight
Singer Turner's memoir
Nickname for an instructor
"Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)," for one
Putin ally in the Mideast
World view?
Yoga pose
___ Kelly, Democratic governor of Kansas starting in 2019
Cry from a card holder