New York Times Crossword April 6 2021 Puzzle

Updated on April 6 2021 03:00

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Defense org.?
Dungarees brand
Unattractive facial expression
Very beginning
To no ___
Welcome in Waikiki
Gently sting, as with cold
It's just an act
Facilities in England
Jupiter has a "great" one
Place for a sensor in tennis
Follower of yes or no
See 35-Down
With 37-Down, "Wow, girl!"
"Untouchable" agent
Composer Stravinsky
Inseparable buds
Persian Gulf land, in brief
Ends of some exciting games, for short
Language akin to Thai
___ garden
One who takes a bow before success rather than after?
Get out the ___
Mariana Trench, e.g.
Event for antique lovers
Herky-jerky, as movements
Manhattan Project subject
Animal that, despite popular belief, is usually lactose intolerant
Some mobile homes, for short
Steak sauce brand
Says a prayer over
They're not really to blame
Actress Witherspoon
Gardener's annoyance
Swift to soar to the top of the charts?
Do a favor
Romantic composer Gustav
Food critic's asset
New York theater on the National Register of Historic Places, with "the"
Place for a pizza
Longhorns, e.g.
City whose first two letters are its state's postal abbreviation
Newsstand display, for short
Little croaker
Problem that's holding things up
Supports for choirs
"Leaving already?"
Grain storage spots
Camera setting
Figure in Final Fantasy
Important part of a bloodhound
Hand grenade, in slang
"To ___ by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men": Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Northwest airport, familiarly
Scare word
"Dang, girl!"
"Uh, yeah!"
Specifics, in slang
"Reckon so"
"Omigosh, girl!"
Kind of story
Demi with the 2017 hit "Sorry Not Sorry"
Chest muscle, for short
Org. since Nixon's presidency
Place for meals on wheels
___ Technica (popular website with tech news)