New York Times Crossword April 6 2019 Puzzle

Updated on April 6 2019 03:00

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Supermarket chain since 1926
Little: Fr.
Trim option
Deception, informally
Innocent, perhaps
Bravo preceder
One of a kitchen set
Modern answer source
Many Sri Lankans
Party preps
Quickly grab
Jim of 1960s TV
Gobble (down)
Unwanted growth often related to arthritis
Well-tuned engine output
When repeated, express disapproval
Charmin alternative
Adolescents' support group
Baseball announcer's cry
Pair of things sold together, in commercialese
Get cold feet, with "out"
Popular big box stores
Earthquake that everyone's been waiting for
Titaness with a home on the edge of Oceanus
Hardly Joe Cool
Minute, informally
1979 platinum album with the hit "I'll Never Love This Way Again"
Word with "first of" or "best of"
Equipment for mixologists
What regular-season soccer games lack, for short
What one may be in the habit for?
Prop in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Woolly "Sesame Street" character whose first name is Aloysius
Renaissance artist who's famous for his "Coronation of the Virgin"
"___ Day Will Come" (1963 #1 hit)
Blockage letters
Subject of the 1977 best-selling memoir "A Rumor of War," for short
CD attachment?
"You've got the wrong person"
Had something
Ricotta sources
Save money
Dumpster fire
Suddenly awaken
Enamored of, informally
Gliding ballet move
Masthead section
Calls to reserve?
Big dos
Word with bird or board
Port north of Kuwait City
Flue problem
Egypt was once part of it: Abbr.
Bill of the Planetary Society
Employment form info, for short
Cry made while holding one's nose
"Things don't always go the way you want"
"Any chance of success, though?"
"Pretty good thinking ..."