New York Times Crossword April 4 2020 Puzzle

Updated on April 4 2020 03:00

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Moat feature
It may be high for a penthouse
Get dark
"I'm with you"
Campaign rally decoration
Melodic passage
Really takes off
Like mushrooms and shrimp, often
Pen pal?
Where you might incur charges overseas
Pluto, e.g.
First of three spinoffs in an acclaimed TV franchise
One of a couple, say
Org. with the Office of Land and Emergency Management
Some Indian wear
Word with sight or control
Many ski lodges
Pluto, e.g.
Purchase for a smartphone
Company whose name is said to mean "Leave luck to heaven"
"My suspicion is ..."
Went all over
College figs.
Brutus, e.g.
You might not get it during a power nap
Oscar-winning Lee
Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki or actress Brigitte Nielsen
What you're usually advised not to wear to someone's wedding
Kids : goats :: crias : ___
They can be everything
Prison guard in the Harry Potter books
Certain library fund-raiser
Quartz type
PIN point
Nymph who divulged Jupiter's affair with Juturna, in Ovid
"After you, ___"
Chocolate ___
Primary source of revenue for Facebook
Some online comments, for short
What four quarters make
It's a series of movements
"Don't mind me!"
Midriff-revealing wear
Covered porch
Pioneer in graph theory
Weekly show filmed in Studio 8H, for short
You won't see them again
Dir. from Duluth, Minn., to Madison, Wis.
Prefix with marathon
Operate on with a beam
Queen or king maker
Singer with the 2014 hit "Chandelier"
Be expressive, say
Before: Fr.
Cavernous opening
Talking points?
Captain of the mathletes, stereotypically
Tedious work
Barb from the mouth