New York Times Crossword April 26 2019 Puzzle

Updated on April 26 2019 03:00

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Coconut ___
One doing a balancing act, say
Chain with more than 3,500 stores worldwide
Go on (about)
Harmonia's opposite in Greek myth
Fifth-brightest star in the night sky
Draft amount, maybe
Machine that pulls
With 47-Across, talus
What "pizza" means in Italian
Cover in a protective layer
Artificially stir (up)
Get a good look at
Who wrote "I am two fools, I know, / For loving, and for saying so / In whining poetry"
Mild cheese with an orange rind
Impressive display
Ottawa landmark completed just after W.W. I
First hip-hop single to top the Billboard Hot 100 (1990)
Scrubber sold in a yellow box
By a narrow margin
Funny Schumer
Ages and ages
Rap mogul of the highest degree?
Not shut up
Chooses at the request of Monty Hall, say
Pet with short legs and a long body, slangily
One reporting a fight
Put change into
Classic bit of study material
Not question
Like goods weighed on scales
Shout of pain
Lead-in to long
Comedian who starred in 2014's "About Last Night"
Prefix with -gram
Help out, in a gym
"If nothing else ..."
Flammable structure
About to start the workday, say
Biblical brother
Bushes are found on both sides of it
It may precede "copy"
Pacific island capital
See 45-Down
Make, as one's way
Holds for a while
Cranky due to lack of food
"What a ___"
Peak service?
Where you might be given the third degree
Ancient dweller beyond Hadrian's Wall
Scene of biblical destruction
Eight-time Norris Trophy winner
"Where America shops for value," per an old slogan
Knight in a popular film franchise
Beverage brand with a wave in its logo
___ pal
Longtime cartoon business
Suck up
Tough, demanding type
Wonkish sort
Place for an anchor
Usually illegal maneuvers
___ Kukoc, 6'11" N.B.A. star of 1993-2006
Bakery item with a Mediterranean flair
Mother of Hermes
Where a hand might be raised
Make out
#1 Taylor Swift song about defying one's critics