New York Times Crossword April 25 2021 Puzzle

Updated on April 25 2021 00:00

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"Ver-r-ry interesting!"
Order member
Org. with lots of money to waste?
Extend (out)
Some drink dispensers
Telenovela, e.g.
Hard vehicle to park
Kind of cavity
Teased incessantly
Like the clue for 103-Down?
Begins a triathlon
Sandwich supposedly named after low-income New Orleans workers
Bit of faulty logic
Literature Nobelist Bellow
Gillette razor name
Directly criticized on Twitter with an "@"
Vocalist's asset
High-priority item
Consider, with "on"
Ones behind the scenes
One of three characters in "M*A*S*H"
Annual May race, informally
Beehive material
Spot between programs, e.g.
Name of the girl on "Game of Thrones" who said "A girl has no name"
Photog's setting
Enter unannounced, in a way
One-celled organism
Where gymnast Simone Biles won four golds
Gooey spread
Cold that just won't go away?
Visibly scornful
Quick refresher
Out of practice
Ancient home to Priam's Treasure
Risqué communiqué
"I won't ___ it!"
Made a boo-boo
Least klutzy
Cable network with movies like "Sharktopus" and "Mansquito"
Ending for a dean's address
Flinch (at)
It really blows
Just hanging out
Pen pa?
Region with a Unification Flag for sporting events
Cut into
Shared with for quick feedback
Positioned to win
Distinguish oneself
Shade similar to verdigris
"That proves it"
Do a waving motion by the ocean, say
Mountain chain that stretches from Kazakhstan to the Arctic
Wood that's resistant to warping
"You, too?!," playfully
Word after soul or solid
Lighter than lite
Bone to pick
Courtroom statements
Auditing org.
Recall regretfully
Onetime MTV reality series filmed near Hollywood
Milk for un café
"Here ___ again"
Fictional pilot with the line "You like me because I'm a scoundrel"
"That kinda stuff": Abbr.
It's 50/50
Recess for prayer
Make an appearance
Quite a jerk
Were running mates?
Miniature for a World War II buff
Major piece
Price to pay, informally
Oscar winner for his role as a Mexican narc in "Traffic"
Set straight
Aligns, in a wood shop
Lacking experience
Get snake eyes, say
They often come to professors with excuses
"Ain't dead ___!"
Saves, with "away"
Encouraging cry
Vessel protected by Hera
There's a famous "half" one in Yosemite National Park
New students at Princeton or Yale in 1969
Supporting role
"And, uh, that about covers it"
"Dead serious!"
Makeup table
Kennel club category
Not a problem
Racy selfie posted for likes on social media, in modern lingo
Grammy category won multiple times by Kendrick Lamar
"My dear man"
Bollywood megastar Aishwarya ___
Nice round number?
Certain formal duds
Turn red, say
"Oh, hell yes!"
Like bread made from almond flour
Fly off the shelves
"Howdy, everybody!"
Brawled, in the backwoods
Act as a blueprint for, as DNA for proteins
Float component
Secured skates, with "up"
Gaming novice, slangily
See 41-Across
With 44-Across, it goes around every hour
Shocker, at times
"Roots" author Haley
Epitome of smoothness
Name that sounds like two letters of the alphabet
SWAT team or Navy SEAL group, e.g.
765-foot-long "water coaster" on Disney cruises
"Ya don't say!"
Course taken in shorts, often
Classic name for the land north of England
Sheep's milk product that's often grated
Throw with power
What may be in a star's orbit
Start off on the wrong foot, maybe?
"S.N.L." alum Hartman
Muhammad Ali's "Me! Whee!," e.g.