New York Times Crossword April 21 2021 Puzzle

Updated on April 21 2021 03:00

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Rapper who's half of Run the Jewels
Conflict in many postapocalyptic narratives, for short
Anatomical pouch
Color on Jacksonville Jaguar uniforms
Problems that come to a head?
Coming right up
Some are Sapphic
100 centavos
Embrace something embarrassing
Michael of R.E.M.
Best ever, acronymically
Muse of history
Heavy-duty cutters
First of 13 popes
Pop variety
T'ang dynasty poet
Promotional text
Spoon, say
Type who's prone to "the munchies"
Birds of paradise do a spectacular one
And others, in a list
Together, in music
Silver medalist's place
Beats by ___
When clocks "spring forward" for daylight saving time
Stat for a D.H.
Fox hunter's cry
Fact-finding mission, informally
Suppress, as a negative story
Hormone administered in some transgender therapies
Shorthand writer, for short
Likely inspiration for Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada"
E.g., e.g.
Word with guitar or wool
In case
Sci-fi sidekick ... or a hint to 42- and 53-Across
Neopagan religion
Hole punchers
Winner of seven Tonys in 1977
"Nice wheels!"
Stand-up comedian who voiced Remy in "Ratatouille"
Popular holiday gift of 2001
Switch positions
"___ out!"
Test for a future Ph.D.
K, in the NATO alphabet
Dive deep
Fashion icon with a numbered fragrance
Director Eastwood
Little Jack Horner's Christmas treat
Trig ratio
Plains tribe members
Postmodern novelist who wrote "White Noise"
Goddess and ruler of the witches in "Macbeth"
Some do-si-do partners
Singer/songwriter DiFranco
Web portal with the Bing search engine
Sch. in Greenwich Village
Star of the "Deadpool" films
Like old wood in new furniture, maybe
Lisa of "High Fidelity"
Setting for a hootenanny
Iris holder
Sacrifices at the plate
Sci-fi sidekick ... or a hint to 20- and 34-Across
Muppet with a unibrow
Put to shame