New York Times Crossword April 17 2020 Puzzle

Updated on April 17 2020 03:00

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School of the future?
Winner's accessory
"La Vie Bohème" musical
Bad place to go apple-picking?
Fuzzy berry
Home to zero winners of the FIFA World Cup, surprisingly
Unavailable, say
Raw spots
Wetland predators
A kid drinks from one
Palindromic animal
"Just 'cuz"
[Never mind]
Enters without looking, say
Unable to stick the landing, say
Get off the street, in a way
Horror star Chaney
Criminal charge?
Arcade achievement
Brake components
Words following "Huh?"
Food for a giraffe
Fox in "The Fox and the Hound"
All ___ (really cool)
Noted characteristic of a corpse flower
Weekend shopping venue
"Time to blow this popsicle stand"
Kazan of film
Freaks (out)
"___, pursued by a bear" (Shakespearean stage direction)
Movie knight
Finish on a diamond?
Closes up for good
Meet at a poker game
1936 Summer Olympics icon
Printed fabric
Abbreviation near a tilde
45's better half
People who place
"So ... who's in?"
Radio station alert
___ Bo
Fermented feed
Impatient kid's whine
Seasonal pickers
Lucy ___ Hayes, 1800s first lady
Say yes to without saying "yes"
Sun Devil Stadium sch.
Some nose-to-tail cuisine
Product of a teachable moment
Raise one's glass
Triglycerides, e.g.
Tune with syncopated rhythm
New parents' woe
"Some progress is better than none"
It's bound to show you the way
Binary code bit
Do-do connector
Having limited focus
One who needs to go
Castilian knight in medieval Spain, with "the"
"___ go!"