New York Times Crossword April 16 2020 Puzzle

Updated on April 16 2020 03:00

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Sequel to a sequel
Hockey great Bobby
It may collect dust
Fourth of 26
Mother of Helios
Try to stay afloat, perhaps
Check out
"Oleanna" playwright
"Stop! I don't need to be constantly reminded!"
Feature of a baby face
Prepare for printing
Eagles and hawks, typically
French white wine
Thai neighbor
"Kung Fu" actor Philip
Prior to, in verse
Elizabethan dramatist Thomas
Practice pieces
Park ranger's handout
Durham sch.
Pizzeria owner in "Do the Right Thing"
Org. behind the Human Genome Project
Western moniker
Seventh of 24
Newbies in the work force
Poetic contraction usually at the start of a line
Go after, as a fly
MS followers?
Shade of gray
Little bit of personality
Good name for a mess hall cook
Bit of Inuit gear
Oscar nominee for "Lion," 2016
Barbershop request
"Get it?"
Suffix with percent
Ridge formed by glacial streams
Kind of terrier
Faster than you can say Jack Robinson
Word with second or third, but not fourth or fifth
P.D.A. component: Abbr.
O'Hara's portrayer
It's snowy in Florida
To be where people sing of amour?
Connected to a hipbone
Country/rock singer Steve
Gets a move on
"Don't be a stranger!" ... or what you have to do three times in this puzzle
Thumbs-up, e.g.
"I'll think about it"
Best ___ Album (Grammy category)
Low-lying wetland
Denial of responsibility
It may fool you
See 54-Across
With 56-Across, clothing item for the youngest in the family
Least polluted
Repeated word in the Ten Commandments
See 42-Across
With 44-Across, "You can wait to show your gratitude"
Increase in size
___ Na Na
See 33-Across
With 35-Across, Cole Porter musical
Divine nourishment
Shade of red
Put down in words
"Bel ___" (Guy de Maupassant novel)
Fading light
Starting points
"Don't be a stranger!"
"Well, well, well!"
Opposition bloc
Go ___ (be green, in a way)
Some shells
Ties to the Japanese?