New York Times Crossword April 11 2021 Puzzle

Updated on April 11 2021 00:00

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Phishing target, for short
Classic Pontiac
Oscar-winning lyricist Washington
"The slightest" or "the foggiest" thing
"Stop stalling!"
Passed-down stories
Man's name that spells a fruit backward
Quinceañera, e.g.
From scratch
Birkin stock?
Language group related to Yupik
Battery part
___ hole
Tool in a wood shop
JAMA contributors
In which you might do a deep dive
One doing the lord's work
One of the Canterbury pilgrims
Member of the inn crowd?
Word that, when spelled backward, becomes its own synonym
Co-founder of the N.A.A.C.P.
Where heroes are made
In essence
Procrastinator's problem
Italian poet Cavalcanti who influenced Dante
"You can't fire me!"
Clipper parts
Best-case scenarios
A head
A head
More hackneyed
Obedience school command
Land governed by the House of Grimaldi
Quintana ___ (Mexican state that's home to Cancún)
Raw material?
Come together
Evening prayer
A.O.C., e.g.
Like some thinking
Come together
Nancy who served as the first female member of the British Parliament
"Who's there?" response
Little sounds
Balls in the sky
1981 hit Genesis album whose name resembles a rhyme scheme
"Eh, not really"
Drift off to sleep
Answer to "Are you asleep?" that can't be true
"Two thumbs down" review
Held forth
Part of a musical note
See 30-Across
___ Ng, author of the 2017 best seller "Little Fires Everywhere"
Lead-in to an Indiana "-ville"
___ Young-White, comedian/correspondent for "The Daily Show"
Natural talent
Kimono accessory
Iraqi city on the Tigris
Tex who directed the first Bugs Bunny cartoon
Drink up during a timeout, say
2021 Super Bowl champs
"Now I get it!"
Home to the Minoan civilization
Brexit vote, e.g.
Ditto, in scholarly journals
___ Allen, one of the founders of Vermont
Basil-based sauce
Was uncomfortably hot
Chops up finely
Not on
"Stop your foolishness outside!"
Result of a merger between Ralph Lauren and Starbucks?
Disney's world
"Been there, done that" feeling
Leaves nothing to the imagination
___ Waldorf, the so-called "Queen B" on "Gossip Girl"
Shot across the bow?
Pub choice
Middling grade
___ reform, cause for the Marshall Project
10 to 10, say
Result of a merger between Hormel and Instagram?
Result of a merger between Procter & Gamble and Jacuzzi?
"My love," in Madrid
Klum of "Project Runway"
Revolutionary Guevara
Firm decision maker?
Voice a view
Passive acquiescence
Eagle constellation
Recipe amt.
Cheese offered tableside at Italian restaurants, informally
Bird like the Canada goose or arctic tern
Result of a merger between Hasbro and Nikon?
Bad sound for an engine
Prefix with thermal
Poet Lazarus
On the ___
Fire man?
Rulers' staffs
What Santa checks twice
Spelling ___
Best of the best
Like the wights on "Game of Thrones"
Result of a merger between Google and Planters?
Result of a merger between Kraft and Hershey's?
Second-longest human bone, after the femur
Luau instrument, for short
Letters before Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Reagan
Musician who was booed in 1965 for playing electric guitar
With 18-Down, what has four legs and sprints?
"Night on Bald Mountain" or "Finlandia"
Soft drink concentrate, e.g.
Maintaining equilibrium
Result of a merger between Quaker Oats and Greyhound?
Frontiersman's headgear
Egg: Sp.
Lower-cost option on a popular rideshare app
The "A" of James A. Garfield
Men are pigs (after she's through with them, anyway!)