New York Times Crossword April 1 2019 Puzzle

Updated on April 1 2019 00:00

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Be an omen of
Microsoft search engine
Common email sign-off word
___ Raton, Fla.
When tripled, "and so on and so forth"
Paula who once judged on "American Idol"
Catch red-handed
___ Field, onetime home of the Brooklyn Dodgers
Thumb drive port, for short
N.B.A. souvenir
Shade similar to slate
Supreme Court justice nicknamed "The Notorious R.B.G."
Home of the Taj Mahal
Links org.
An obtuse one is more than 90°
Old Venetian rulers
What many of the founding fathers wore
1980 Scorsese/De Niro classic
Certain frozen waffles
Egyptian boy king
What cigarette filters are supposed to block
Tree anchor
Slangy negative contraction
"Here's what you have to realize ..."
Out of ___ (discombobulated)
Chess move involving the king and rook
Rainbow symbol of pride
Tons and tons
Drum with a repetitive name
Band's closing number
Give off
Breathe like a tired runner
Not much
Apartment in an old warehouse district, say
Olympic sleds
Touches down on the tarmac
Lack of practice, metaphorically
Org. fighting for immigrants' rights
"... and sometimes y" preceder
Peter Fonda title role of 1997
Main squeeze, modernly
Like many people after eating beans
All together, as a crowd
Spanish article
Cory Booker or Cory Gardner: Abbr.
"The Little Mermaid" princess
Bit of financial planning for old age, in brief
French assents
Unknown author, for short
Slowly swivel sideways, as a camera
Rice or wheat
Suffragist ___ B. Wells
On fire
Tune you just can't get out of your head
Five cards of the same suit, in poker
___ Paulo, Brazil
Tea set?
Nevada casino city
Unruly crowds
The end
Columbus's home
Gymnast Korbut
Michelle with the 2018 hit memoir "Becoming"
Part of a constellation
Powder for a gymnast
Part of a jacket where a hands-free mic is attached